Indian musical instruments, musical instrument exporters India, Indian Exporters of musical instruments

Indian musical instruments, musical instrument exporters India, Indian Exporters of musical instruments
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L ahore Music House was established more than five decades ago from the Anarkali Bazar in Lahore (erstwhile Punjab before partion). Founded by Late Sardar Harcharan Singh Sachdeva , a master in the field of Indian Musical Instruments . And since then LMH has become one of the largest retailers and exporters of finest quality Indian musical instruments. All this is the vision of the late founder and our constant endeavour to offer value and commitment to the discerning musicians in India and the world. Our Harmonium brand "Lahore Flute" is a household name in music circles. And since then we have diversified, adding new instruments in our product line. Our product line is divided into Percussion Instruments, Wind Instruments, String Instruments, Electronic Instruments and Harmonium . Through this product line and our experience and skilled craftsmen we are spreading the Music world over. This catalogue is a comprehensive study of our entire product line, including western musical instruments .

Beatles Win A Game Of

It was an unequal race: two little boys on bicycles spiritedly trying to chase automobiles. Before long they had lost track. Disappointed, but not quite beaten, they asked: 'Which way have they gone, Sir?' On Wednesday "they" in the world of teenagers could only mean the Beatles, The British pop singers who arrived in the capital on Tuesday.
And Beatles, the mop-headed deities of pop music, were equally determined to keep the devotees at bay. The whole morning they confined themselves to their rooms, aware that 500 fans had laid siege to the hotel at the first crack of dawn.
There was many a false alarm, of boys and girls excitedly rushing across the sprawling lobby running along the concrete driveway. The vigil was unfaltering. Or so it seemed till shortly afternoon the two boys saw the Beatles get out from a backdoor and rush into two ordinary looking taxis, not the gleaming VIP cars of the previous night.

George Harrison plays on the
sitar with an Indian teacher,
while (left to right),
Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Ringo Starr, watch them
intently in their hotel suite in
New Delhi on
Wednesday July 6, 1966.

The boys instantly, almost intuitively, jumped on to their bicycles to begin the futile chase. They shouted and screamed as they pedaled furiously. Many motor cars, loaded with teenagers, joined the chase but the elusive Beatles, for the moment at least, seemed to have successfully dodged their hysterical fans.
Still dressed in their fancy shirts, their hair as shaggy as ever, the Beatles were in a relaxed mood when I met them in their hotel suite in the evening. A Sikh sitar player was giving lessons to sitar-lover George Harrison. While John Lennon was trying to play a "been" (snake charmers' flute). George would not be disturbed. And Ringo Starr was busy photographing George. So Paul McCartney and John decided to "do the talking".
"It was great just great - the people of Delhi, the sights of Delhi". In fact what little they saw of Delhi and its people was enough to convince them that India is worth a second visit.

Products We Offer
Lahore Music House, is manufacturer and exporter of Indian Musical Instruments & classical musical Instruments like:
Bhangara Dhol
Tarabdar Sitar
Mini Sitar
Snake Charmer Instrument
Brass Trumpet
Bass Trumpet
Taal Mala Digi
Electronic Tabla
Dhruv Automatic
Saarang Melody
Electronic Tanpura
Artistic Electronic Tambura.

Wind Instruments